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September 9, 2009
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(Contains: strong language)

You were out for a walk in the forest that was around the Akatsuki base. It was a nice day, and you had no missions so you thought you would go for a walk. Then you hear a sound. It sounds as if someone is coming your way. You hid behind a tree and draw a kunai, just incase it is an enemy.
“Fucking Hell!” You hear someone yell loudly. “WHY THE FUCK DID YOU NEED TO FIND THAT BOUNTY ANYWAY?!” “Whose idea was it to perform an 3 hour long ritual?”
You sigh in relief you know who it is. You put the kunai away and come out from hiding.
“Hi Hidan! Hi Kakuzu!” You say with a smile. Hidan and Kakuzu look at you, but say nothing, they just walk right past you and continue argue. You feel a little said now. You don’t know how to tell him your feelings and you’re scared he might just laugh in your face and call you an idiot.
You slowly make your way back to the base. As your walking you hear a loud Boom, and guess Tobi did something to upset Deidara again.
When you get to the base what you guessed turned out to be true. Near the entry Tobi is hanging in a tree and looks a little out of it.
“What happened Tobi?” You ask. But you have a feeling of what the answer will be.
“Senpai got mad.” Tobi mutters. You shake your head and enter the base. Not bothering to help Tobi down. When you get inside most of the Akatsuki are in the same room.
“I’m so fucking bored!” Hidan complains
“Then go find something to do.” Kakuzu says from behind his newspaper. You guess he is looking for a new bounty.
“Hey! Let’s play truth or dare!” Tobi says running inside.
“That’s a stupid game! Un!” Deidara says glaring at Tobi.
“Sounds like fun.” Kisame says with a grin on his face. “He must be really bored to want to play it” You think.
All the Akatsuki (but for Pain and Konan) sit down to play truth or dare.
“I’ll go first!” Tobi says with a happy tone in his voice, “You!” he says pointing at you, “Truth or Dare?” you can just picture him with a huge grin on his face.
“Uh……Truth?” You say.
“Okay!” Tobi says. “Hmmmm….Who do you like in Akatsuki?” He asks. You glance at Hidan and you feel your cheeks heat up.
“What a stupid question!” You say. But you feel your face burning.
“If it’s so stupid then why are you blushing?” Itachi asks. There is no emotion in his voice so you don’t know if he is really asking or mocking you.
“Because…! Because…!” You jump up on your feet and storm out of the room. You can feel everyone’s eyes on you as you do so. “Damn it!” you think “Why did I have to blush!?”
You storm into your room and slam the door behind you. “I hope he didn’t notice.” You think. You walk over to your bed and sit down.
*Knock. Knock.* You look at the door. “It’s open you say.” The door opens and your eyes widen at who is standing there. It was Hidan. “What is it?” you ask
“I came to see if your ok.” Hidan says. You feel yourself blush again. “You like me don’t ya?” Hidan says not looking at you. You blush a deeper colour of red.
“W-what makes you say that?” You ask. Hidan turns and looks at you.
“You looked at me when Tobi asked who you liked.” Hidan says. “Crap! He noticed!” you think.
“Uh….Well….That….I….” I didn’t know what to say. Hidan walked over and sat on your bed. His face only inches from yours.
“Well? Do ya, or don’t ya?” Hidan asked. You could feel you heart beating faster in your chest. You more your lips to say something but, no words come out. You’re at a loss of words. You turn your head away. Your face is burning up; you don’t want Hidan, or any of the Akatsuki members seeing you like this. Hidan grabs hold you your chin softly and turns your head so you are facing him again.
“Well…I like you.” Hidan says. Your eyes widen. You never, not in a millions years, thought you would hear Hidan say the words you longed to hear.
“No. I don’t like you,” Hidan says. “I fucking love you!” before you know what is happened, Hidan has pressed his lips to yours. Your eyes widen, before slowly closed.
Hidan slowly pulls back after awhile. You open your eyes and see him looking at you. His face it all red.
“So, do you-“Before Hidan can finish what he was going to say you pull him forward and kiss him again.
“Yes. I do like you.” You say smiling. “No, I fucking love you.” You say. Hidan laughs, and you laugh as well.
Hidan pulls you into a tight hug. You hug him back, and you both slowly lay down on the bed. You look into Hidans eyes, and he looks into yours.
“I love you.” You say. Your voice just above a whisper.
“And I lov-“
“Hello Every-!” Tobi was standing at the door. “Opps. Looks like I’m interrupting something.” He says with a chuckle. You blush deeply.
“GET THE FUCK OUT!” Hidan yells at Tobi. Tobi laughed as he closed the door and ran off.
Hidan “tsk”ed and you laughed. Hidan smiled at you. You smiled back at him.
You both kiss one more time before you both drift off into sleep.
The End
OK! Before you comment saying stuff like “Truth or Dare?! These guys are ninja! No kids!” I am aware of that!!!! I AM A NARUTO FAN!!!! I AM ALSO AN AKATSUKI FAN GIRL!!!! So don’t say that the idea was stupid! I had no other ideas! So I thought Truth Or Dare! So DON’T I repeat DON’T comment saying it was a stupid Idea! *Sigh* Anyway. Please comment and tell me who you would like and chapter done on. And I’m thinking of doing one with a sad ending, all these happy ending are making me feel like doing evil stuff to good people.
*Ahem* Anyway! Who ever gives me idea’s or comments on my fanfic gets a cookie!!! And maybe a little plushy of their fav Akatsuki member! Bai Bai!
Okay! 3rd chapter of my story! Now if you have a Akatsuki member you would like a chapter done on please tell me! I'v only written the 3 chapters I have on DA right now. TT_TT I need help!

OH! And Hidan belongs to :iconsmexygaara: just thought I should let everyone know ^^ please don't kill me

AND! If you have an Anime you would like me to write a story about, if I know it I could write a story!!! I like to write storys if I have ideas ^^
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hidanlover8 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2010
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hyper-yet-bored Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
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lolo-loco Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
hahahaha!!! thats funny! ^^ nothing like a good game of truth or dare >=3
hidan's fucking hilarious!! the way *huge grin* if you could do a chapter about tobi that would be awesome! i just find him funny ^^
good work mate =3
hyper-yet-bored Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ ill be sure to make a chapter about tobi as soon as i can! tobi is one of my favs! love him! thanks for the comment ^^
lolo-loco Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
my pleasure ^^ tobi just rocks. end of story ^^ he's adorable >w<
hyper-yet-bored Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
i know >W<
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